Welcome to Maggie’s Kitchen.  This is me looking happy in my kitchen where I make my fast becoming “world famous” chilli jam!.

I wanted to tell you a little bit about how amazing chillies are and how they are an important part of many of the worlds cuisines.  In the not too distant past, but thankfully far enough for the trauma to subside, the closest we came to an exotically spiced dishes in the UK was a Vesta Curry…Yuk! do you remember those?  Well thankfully, due in part to this countries great cultural and racial diversity, we now see chillies from many parts of the world in fact there are more than 200 varieties.

So, not only do chillies enhance and enliven your cooking, they’re also good for you!..They are an excellent source of vitamin C.  The tingle or heatwave you feel when you eat one actually stimulates endorphins in the brain, which contributes to the ‘feel good’ factor, so I say eat more!

I will  bring new recipes and ideas where you can use your chilli jam.  It’s fantastic as a condiment, but versatile enough to be used in your cooking too.  If you have any comments, photographs or recipes where you have used MKCJ I would love to hear from you.

Stay tuned for more celebrity endorsements, health warnings and recipes…..


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